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Hope Friddell

Voice and Piano

     Hope Friddell is currently in the last 3 months of earning her Bachelor’s of Music Education from Rowan University. With a passion for teaching and a love for music making, Hope is determined to offer her students a well rounded, supportive, and fun experience in studying piano and voice. Hope has been singing in a variety of settings for over 13 years, including church choirs, theater settings, collegiate choirs and operas, which has given her the experience to share her knowledge with any student interested in these realms.

     At Rowan she has studied privately under the direction of Professor Marian Stieber, as well as developed significant piano skills under the direction of the music department after having taught herself the instrument at age 9. She has served as a section leader in Rowan University’s Concert Choir as well as singing alto in the university’s chamber ensemble, Voices. Hope was honored to be the recipient of the Clarence W. Miller Choral Excellence Scholarship for the year 2022. In her free time, Hope likes to explore different composers through Music History as well as participate in educational opportunities to expand her knowledge and teaching abilities in her content area.

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