COVID-19 Response

Last Updated August 2, 2020


This page will be the definite location for all updates regarding our organization's plan to address COVID-19 concerns. 

Dear West Jersey Music Academy Families,


We hope that you and your family are doing well in these unusual times. We want to, first and foremost, thank you for your support of our programming during the spring and summer semester. We are privileged to serve in a community that acknowledges the value of high quality music education. Our staff & faculty thank you for your perseverance, patience, and compassion as we navigate these challenging times together. 


As we shift our attention toward the fall, we have made a commitment to prioritize the safety and health of our families, faculty, & staff. After numerous discussions within our organization, we have decided it is in our best interest to begin the fall semester remotely and reassess regularly.  Our intention throughout the upcoming year is to gradually phase in in-person instruction while complying with organizational, local, state and federal regulations. While this decision is challenging for us, we feel that this will positively support the work that our organization is doing. We feel that the best learning environment for anyone is one in which everyone feels safe & comfortable. 


As an organization, we are heavily investing in technological infrastructure that will support high quality learning experiences for our students. First and foremost, we have acquired MyMusicStaff ( which will assist with centralizing all billing, scheduling, registration, and lesson notes information into one convenient and user-friendly parent portal. Our website has been updated to place priority on user-friendly parent navigation and will house a parent portal login page for MyMusicStaff. Additionally, each of our instructors will be receiving extensive training on online platforms such as Zoom, Facetime, & Google Meets to ensure that our online instruction maintains the highest possible quality. Finally, educational materials, videos, & experiences will be developed and distributed to support our students in receiving the highest quality community education. Additionally, we have developed a COVID-19 committee that will provide strategic direction in all planning related to resuming in-person instruction. We will be providing all COVID-19 related updates on our website, social media accounts, MyMusicStaff, and all emails listed on your account.