Programming for Students with Diverse Needs

WJMA offers special needs programs which include private voice, violin, and piano lessons as well as Special Music Together classes for preschool and kindergarten children. 


Elements of our Programs

-Occupational and Speech Therapist will evaluate the child and make a recommendation of the appropriateness of our music program in a confidential and private setting.  

- No medical information or diagnoses should be discussed.  

- Parental permission will be needed to discuss the accommodations and needs.   

- The teacher and therapist will develop a simple music plan and specify goals for the student.  

- Following several trial lessons, the teacher will provide a written recommendation pertaining to appropriateness of the program for the student.  

- Students will be on a 5-week plan, to give the student time to adjust to the lessons.  If the student's participation is positive, lessons could be continued for the next 5-weeks.

- Lessons are 20-minutes, but could be adjusted to 30 minutes as the student shows s/he is receptive a longer lesson.

- While the goal of performing in front of an audience is always encouraged, this may not be an appropriate goal for a given student.  Performance in front of an audience is not a requirement for participation

Mixed Race Down Syndrome Class

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